Job search in Africa and Middle East : what are candidates' opinions about the employment market ?

Posted by Fed Africa in Our Workshop
Posted at 28/10/2022
Job search in Africa and Middle East : what are candidates' opinions about the employment market ?
Fed Africa, specialized recruitment firm for Top & Middle Management positions in Africa and the Middle East unveils the results of its annual survey on job searches on the African continent. For its study, the firm interviewed 343 candidates currently employed or looking for work on their vision of the dynamism of the job market in Africa.

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Top & Middle Management profiles trust recruitment agencies for their job search

When asked about the means they use to find new professional opportunities, 76% of respondents say they submit their resume to a recruitment agency or contact a headhunter. This practice is often explained by the consulting dimension of these structures, which accompany candidates in their job search.

Deffa KA, Fed Africa manager, explains: "Beyond the advice that recruitment experts can provide on how to present a CV or highlight skills, recruitment firms are also closer to the realities of the market. For executive profiles, where recruitment often takes place outside of traditional job search platforms, trusting a recruitment agency allows you to access openings that are silent or that have not yet been revealed on the market”.

This phenomenon is even more important as when asked about their search perimeter, 43% of respondents indicate that they are looking for opportunities on the entire African continent. They are also 27% to answer that they are mobile in several African and Middle Eastern regions. 

Compensation in the top 3 selection levers for job offers

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Often cited as a decisive reason for changing jobs, compensation is cited by 74% as an important lever for selecting an opportunity. It is slightly scored below the interest of the missions (77%) and the adequacy of the position with a personal and/or professional project (75%). It should be noted that the benefits offered by the company, in addition to the salary, are cited by 55% of respondents.

Maymouna Mauvois, Fed Africa manager, adds: "Without any real surprise, remuneration is a major criterion for executive profiles, and an issue for companies seeking to recruit talents for their companies. However, social and fringe benefits, such as a company car, support during the relocation process, etc., often are a lever of differentiation that companies can play on.”

When asked about their view of the job market in Africa and the Middle East, 48% of respondents said that the market is rather stable compared to previous years, despite the COVID-19 crisis. While openings are not necessarily abundant in all sectors of activity, they can nevertheless find interesting opportunities on a regular basis.

It should be noted that respondents also indicate that they are regularly solicited by recruiters and headhunters. Indeed, 63% of them have been contacted between 2 and 5 times for a new professional opportunity during the last 12 months. 

Africa and the Middle East, two dynamic regions for various reasons

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When asked about the reasons for the continent's attractiveness, respondents cite a variety of reasons, such as the continent's strong development, investment opportunities, the continent's natural resources, the skills of local populations, and the living environment.

Some examples of anonymously collected, free-speech responses:

  • "The continent has vast natural resources, a young and increasingly educated workforce, greater stability in terms of governance and more prospects for economic growth than in the past."
  • "The business opportunities are numerous as the continent is developing. The friendliness of the people and the diversity of cultures facilitate integration. The weather and the landscapes add a plus."
  • "The African continent remains the only one where double-digit growth rates can be recorded, with a lot of potential."