How do you make a job offer that no candidate can refuse?

Posted by Fed Africa in Our Workshop
Posted at 04/06/2018
How do you make a job offer that no candidate can refuse?
You've found the ideal candidate to fill a vacancy. You can finally sit back and relax. Not so fast! Are you sure this candidate will accept your proposal? In a highly competitive job market, you must ensure that your job offers are tempting enough to attract the best talent in the finance and accounting sectors. Otherwise, you may find that a good number of applicants choose to work for your direct competitors. Keep the following tips in mind if you want to prepare job offers that candidates will have a hard time refusing.

Make sure to offer a competitive salary for the open position

The first step to creating an interesting job offer is doing research. Find out about the starting and average salaries offered in your sector. This way, you can be sure that your offer is competitive in terms of compensation.

Of course, the salary offered isn’t the only factor that the applicant will take into consideration, but it does remain a powerful incentive.

Mention the position’s benefits in your job offer

As mentioned in the previous section, compensation is not the only thing that matters to future employees. In effect, different social benefits associated with a position can weigh as heavily.

Moreover, according to some studies, vacation time is the most important benefit after salary. The corporate culture and the potential for career advancement are also part of the candidates' decision-making process. Considering these benefits is not only important when preparing a job offer, but also helpful for retaining your best employees.

Be prepared to make a job offer in a flash

Today, the best candidates have the flexibility to compare many options, so even a short delay can make you fall out of the race to the benefit of a faster recruiter. Once you’ve decided and think you have an interesting candidate, make an immediate job offer. For these reasons, any procedures your company has that slow down the selection and recruitment process should be reviewed.

Give candidates a reasonable period of reflection

Give applicants a reasonable amount of time to decide if they accept the job offer. What a reasonable timeframe is usually depends on the type of position offered. The time provided to accept or refuse an entry-level position might be a few days while a mid or upper-level applicant in a competitive market can be given a little more time. If the candidate feels pressured, they might be tempted to go elsewhere.

Partner with recruitment specialists

If you are struggling to recruit quality candidates, you can also seek help from recruitment experts. Qualified recruiters like those at Fed Finance are familiar with all the issues related to the accounting and finance trades. They can confidently assist you in making a job offers that no candidates can refuse.