Back to the roots for the African diaspora

In recent years, the African diaspora is tremendously changing. The digitalization, the localization of the top and executive positions in Africa and the willingness to contribute to the continent growth attract more and more members of the diaspora to settle in Africa.

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In the midst of an undeniable economic growth phase, Africa is also attracting candidates of the African diaspora based, for the most part, in Europe and North America. These candidates are attracted by the economic opportunities offered by the different countries and give great importance to participating in the development of their continent of origin. Access to a higher quality of life is often also a driving force.

New technologies have encouraged the arrival of the African diaspora, who sometimes use these technologies as entrepreneurial leverage on the continent (e.g. launching start-ups in healthcare or digital).

Companies are also attracted by these talents for a number of reasons.

On the one hand, life experiences in Africa and on another continent, and on the other hand, time spent in foreign universities or colleges, as well as international companies reassure employers.

To date, many diaspora associations exist in Europe or North America. They make it possible to create real communities, bringing people from the same country together for networking, increasing their professional opportunities and discussing issues that directly concern them.

Moreover, it is important to specify that diaspora candidates can sometimes have some difficulty re-adapting to African countries when they have lived outside the African continent for an extended period of time. It is important to take the time to plan at least an office visit to understand the issues in the field.

Furthermore, accustomed to pay scales outside Africa, desired salaries may not correspond at all with local practices.

It is therefore important to reflect on your professional and often family-related initiative to make the right decision and return to the continent for the right reasons.

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