Telecoms: what jobs are in demand on the African continent?

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Posted at 02/08/2022
Telecoms: what jobs are in demand on the African continent?
The telecom market is currently experiencing a rapid growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. The region's digital transformation has accelerated in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has prompted users to adopt new habits and businesses and utilities to evolve their digital solutions.

According to the GSM Association, 495 million people were subscribing to mobile services in sub-Saharan Africa at the end of 2020 (46% of the region's population) - an increase of almost 20 million compared to 2019. This number is expected to reach 615 million by 2025 (50% of the population). The telecommunications sector is now one of the driving forces of African growth, generating 8% of the subregion's GDP in 2020. This development has naturally been accompanied by significant recruitment needs, with over 3 million jobs created in the same year. But this promising sector, which is now the continent's second largest employer after the agri-food industry, still lacks qualified candidates. Here is an overview of the most sought-after profiles on the continent.


Across Africa, companies and start-ups are looking for innovative solutions to improve the lives of consumers, from app creation to electronic payment tools to guidance and remote monitoring. Engineers who can develop new forms of telecommunications and improve existing products and services, such as telecommunications engineers and computer engineers, are therefore in high demand. Systems engineers, who develop solutions to problems that may arise in the use of existing telecommunications software or systems, are also in high demand.

Mobile Application Developers

The positive dynamics of the telecommunications sector are supported by constant innovations, such as the growing development of new mobile applications. For this reason, mobile application developers are currently very popular in Africa. These IT professionals have the expertise to develop various applications for popular platforms, such as iOS and Android devices. Their vast experience in mobile coding and development languages, as well as web development languages, make them indispensable players in the industry.

Telecommunications Project Managers

The steady growth of the mobile technology and services industry has led to an increased demand for multi-skilled managers with strong computer or engineering backgrounds.  Telecommunications project managers are among the most sought-after jobs in the industry. The responsibilities of these key players include developing personnel policies and procedures, leading specific projects, making necessary adjustments, and implementing network security policies.

Data Analysts and Data Scientists  

In the digital age, companies on the African continent manage large amounts of data on a daily basis that must be sorted, processed and analyzed for operational and marketing purposes. Analysts and data scientists are responsible for developing visual dashboards that transform this data into actionable information. They identify opportunities and risks while ensuring data quality and develop data-driven solutions.


Any company in a developing sector requires sales representatives to ensure its growth. Customer service representatives are thus considered one of the most important branches of telecommunications because they take care of the company's customers, inform them of new products and services available and offer them customized solutions. Marketing and public relations specialists, who advertise telecom companies, generate sales, and create promotional campaigns on social media and in traditional media, also play a crucial role in the growth of companies in the sector.

Cloud Computing Specialists  

Due to the nature of their business, telecom companies pay particular attention to the backup and protection of their data. As a result, cloud computing engineers, who are responsible for deploying, storing, and managing data on servers located outside the enterprise, have become indispensable to the industry. These professionals are responsible for the execution, design and maintenance of network and cloud services. Network and cloud architects, with excellent technical problem-solving skills, are responsible for planning, designing and upgrading network and cloud projects.

Cybersecurity Specialists

Natural partners of cloud computing experts, cybersecurity consultants help companies, governments and start-ups secure their IT systems and networks.  They analyze the risks incurred by their clients to propose solutions adapted and customized to their needs and expectations in terms of protection. These indispensable experts can work on long-term missions (prevention and security) as well as in crisis resolution (supporting a company following a cyber-attack).

Experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now fully integrated in our daily lives, from personal assistants on our smartphones to businesses' technological applications such as chatbots. AI experts, who design intelligent tools based on learning models that make it easier for a company to achieve specific goals, are therefore set to play an increasingly important role in the IT and new communications sector.

Of course, this list is only exhaustive and will evolve over time. Whatever the job you are looking for, Fed Africa can assist you in your search for IT jobs on the African continent. Check our latest openings now, or submit a spontaneous application.