Survey results - Diasporas & Mobility 2020

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Posted at 08/10/2020
This study was carried out among 761 Fed Africa candidates currently working or actively looking for work who answered our questionnaire between February and April 2020.

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This survey was carried out among 761 employed candidates or actively seeking for a position between February and April 2020. The study questioned both expatriation candidates (69% of the panel) and those who are already expatriated (31% of the panel). What motivates or has motivated them to leave? How did they find their job? What is their need for support?

Overall, the panel, based in 31 countries or overseas territories, is experienced with 65% of respondents having more than 10 years experience in their field. The largest number of respondents comes from Ivory Coast (273), followed by France (74), Cameroon (73), Democratic Republic of Congo (42), Senegal (38), Congo (30), Algeria (29), Morocco (29), Gabon (26). The most represented sectors are food processing and distribution (23%), finance, banking and insurance (15%) and energy, cement and metallurgy (12%).