State of the recruitment market in the construction sector

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Posted at 18/12/2023
State of the recruitment market in the construction sector
Discover the booming construction sector in Africa, faced with rapid growth, recruitment challenges and international competition. Fed Africa, experts in executive search, offer solutions to attract the skilled talent needed for the sector to thrive. Explore the career opportunities and profiles most in demand in this dynamic African industry.

The construction sector in Africa is booming, and benefits from a local, young, and skilled workforce. The industry is highly coveted by the major economies, as the continent possesses significant resources, and many opportunities are emerging in different sectors such as infrastructure.

According to data from Mordor Intelligence, the construction industry is expected to grow by more than 5,5% between 2022 and 2027. For many African countries, building and improving infrastructure is an economic priority. Major construction projects are underway in many countries, including roads, bridges, hospitals, and schools…

Focus on the construction sector

The large number of construction projects financed means that this sector is the fastest growing on the continent and generates the most jobs. African counties have a skilled workforce. However, local players are failing in gaining a foothold in this market due to increased competition from international companies covering a large proportion of the flagship projects on the African continent. Demand for new, modern infrastructure is likely to increase considerably. Indeed, “green” projects require the use of sustainable and ecological technologies to address the issues of climate change and the increasing scarcity of natural resources. However, the sector is facing a major problem: construction price inflation in many countries. This increase in prices is holding back infrastructure development and is having a negative impact on the continuation of activities, just as it did during the Covid 19, which had a major impact and slowed down the sector. These projects are creating numerous job opportunities, and many people with very specific technical skills are in demand to carry out these very costly projects. The expansion of the construction sector is having a significant impact on the recruitment market, offering candidates and companies new opportunities. 

Infrastructure construction projects stimulate the market 

Infrastructure development has become a central concern for many governments in response to the growing needs of Africa’s expanding population. This has made construction the most crucial sector on the continent, with over 570 construction projects worth a total of $450 billion. Energy-related projects account for over $370 billion, while transport-related projects, including the construction of roads, airports, and railways, total $280 billion. Against this backdrop, construction companies and recruitment firms specializing in executive search are actively seeking highly qualified candidates for key positions. 

Business challenge: recruitment 

The construction sector in Africa and the Middle East faces major recruitment challenges, and this is where specialist recruitment firms such as Fed Africa play a key role. Indeed, the shortage of qualified talent is one of the most significant obstacles. Finding candidates with both the necessary technical skills and an in-depth knowledge of local markets and specific regulations is a complex task. This is precisely where our recruitment firm comes in. At Fed Africa, we are dedicated to identifying and attracting construction professionals who meet these demanding criteria. Our talent network is extensive and diverse, covering the whole of Africa and the Middle East, enabling us to source experts with a keen understanding of local needs.

In addition, in the face of fierce competition for talent, our role as a recruitment firm is to work with companies to develop attractive remuneration strategies and tailored professional development programs. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that their vacancies are competitive in the marketplace, while considering the aspirations and needs of candidates. Fed Africa is a valuable solution for construction companies in Africa and the Middle East. Our expertise in recruiting specialist talent, combined with our understanding of local issues, helps to meet the challenge of finding and retaining the best construction professionals. 

The most sought-after profiles

Civil engineer

Many African counties have existing infrastructure in need of renovation, repair and upgrading. Civil engineers are needed to carry out assessments, propose rehabilitation solutions and manage these projects. 

Project Director

Africa is attracting more and more international investment, which is translating into large-scale projects across a range of sectors. Project managers are key to planning, executing and overseeing these projects. Often working with international teams, they are often required to integrate an intercultural dimension into their work, which requires additional skills such as an understanding of local contexts. 

Logistics Director

Logistics managers in the African construction sector contribute directly to the competitiveness of companies. By coordinating the construction-specific supply chain, they ensure operational efficiency by optimizing the distribution of materials and resources. They are highly sought after for their ability to meet unique challenges specific to the local context and realities of the African market.

Sustainability specialists

They work with companies to achieve their environmental sustainability objectives. They are consultants whose responsibilities vary depending on the organization they work for. They may, for example, manage projects to reduce pollutant emissions, cut energy consumption or help develop environmental policies in investment plans.


In a context where rapid urbanization is a major challenge in Africa, the skills of architects are essential for designing buildings that meet the needs of the population while taking the environment into account. They play an essential role in Africa’s construction sector by designing functional, aesthetic, and sustainable buildings, contributing to efficient project management, and meeting the needs of rapid urbanization. Their skills are crucial to the continent’s economic development and environmental sustainability, which explains why architects ‘jobs are so coveted in Africa’s construction sector. 

Site manager

In Africa, the role of site managers is to coordinate their team of workers. Responsible for allocating tasks on the site they are also in charge of managing deadlines and the quality of the work carried out. They also ensure compliance with health and safety regulations on the site for which they are responsible. Lastly, every day, he must keep the administrative records of the progress of the work update. He may also supervise the ordering of materials and the management of workers’ schedules.

Financial director

Financial directors play a central role in the construction sector in the construction sector in Africa. Their expertise in financial management is crucial to meeting the major challenges facing the industry. They are experts in cost management, which enables them to optimize budgets and deal with the volatility of materials costs and exchange rate fluctuations. In addition, finance directors play a key role in the search for financing. By overcoming financial obstacles, they contribute to the viability of construction projects by structuring solid financing plans and negotiating with financial institutions to secure the necessary funds. CFOs are skilled at ensuring adequate liquidity to cover operational costs and unforeseen expenses, thereby ensuring the financial stability of companies. In addition to these aspects, construction in Africa is subject to various risks such as delays, quality problems and regulatory compliance issues. CFOs are experts at assessing and mitigating these risks, minimizing potential disruption to projects. They also play a key role in tax compliance, reducing tax risks and maximizing tax benefits, which contributes to business profitability. 

The construction sector in Africa is booming, driven by major investment infrastructure. However, it is facing major recruitment challenges, exacerbated by a shortage of qualified talent and increased competition from international companies. The most sough-after profiles, such as civil engineers, project managers and others presented in this article, are essential for successfully completing complex construction projects.

Ultimately, the construction sector in Africa offers many opportunities for economic growth, sustainable development, and improved infrastructure. Investors, governments and businesses continue to invest in this dynamic sector, and the recruitment of skilled talent plays a key role in ensuring the success of these projects.

To meet these challenges, specialist recruitment firms, such as Fed Africa play a crucial role in identifying professionals with the necessary technical skills and in-depth knowledge of local markets. If you are considering delegating your recruitment process to a specialist executive search firm, Fed Africa is positioned as an expert with extensive experience, covering the entire African continent and the Middle East. Equipped with the necessary means and resources, Fed Africa is ready to recruit one of your future talents. Express your recruitment needs and expectations by filling in this form; a Fed Africa consultant will quickly deal with your request. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.