Retaining local and international resources through training

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Posted at 25/08/2023
Retaining local and international resources through training
Many companies see their employees leaving for new horizons. Faced with this problem of frequent turnover, training is the solution for retaining your local and international staff. Discover our tips for retaining your local and international resources:

A real tool for motivating and retaining employees, training helps your company to become more efficient. Training enables your employees to develop their skills and acquire new knowledge that helps them develop their careers. Some employers are still reluctant to offer training to their employees, believing that it can be an incentive to go elsewhere. However, this trend is diminishing, and many employers are taking an interest in training, given the benefits generated by companies practicing this employee experience strategy. Here are our tips for building loyalty among your local and international resources through training:

Training involves employees

Skills development is a good way of motivating your employees. Focusing on the experience of your employees naturally reinforces their professionalism, and more particularly their commitment, predestining them to achieve their objectives and succeed in their missions.

Training boosts your employees’ performance, and this tends to give them a positive outlook on the work they do, while promoting their well-being within the company. According to our 2020 study on diasporas and mobility in Africa, more than a third of respondents said that the benefits offered by companies (including training) were a motivating factor that could convince them to move to another country.

By way of comparison, companies that do not offer training to their local and international resources foster a sense of routine and skills stagnation. And yet, we know that these feelings are a lever that leads employees to look elsewhere. 

Avoid turnover 

Training employees is an excellent way of controlling staff turnover, and therefore reduces recruitment costs. In addition to the financial benefits, building employee loyalty means less time is spent on replacing a departing employee. Employers already know their employees ‘skills and competencies, whereas recruiting a new member of staff would mean having to find out everything there is to know. We know that recruitment processes can sometimes be lengthy, but so can be taking on a new position and getting to grips with a corporate culture. For this reason, investing in training is a definite advantage for companies, reducing the need to replace employees. 

Promotes productivity & innovation 

Training your employees tends to make them more productive in the future and enables them to update their skills in line with the latest standards and cutting-edge technologies. The skills acquired during training will then be put into practice within your company, so what is good for your employees is good for your company. Indeed, the acquisition of skills boosts your employees’ productivity and has a positive impact on your company’s results. 

Strenghten corporate culture 

Do you offer training courses to your employees? Let them know when you communicate through your employer brand. Candidates greatly appreciate companies that present the advantages of working for them, and this is a motivational lever that impacts their decision making. Think about using training to create content and relay it on your various communication channels (career page, professional social networks, job offers….). Candidates are more interested in content that represents employees and , in general, the human element at the heart of the company. 

This communication, based on your company’s culture, helps attract the best talent on the job market and reinforces your employees’ sense of belonging to the same entity, in this case your company. To reinforce the authentic character of the training courses you offer your employees, make sure that your staff relay your content. They are real ambassadors of your employer brand and reflect the reality of the company. There is nothing like one convinced person to convince another!

Rely on your managers

Your managers are the key to implementing your employee experience strategy. As they are responsible for the development of their employees, it is important that they support them in their career development. To meet employees’ needs, it is important to set aside time to discuss career prospects with them.

To sum up, training courses are beneficial for both employees and companies. They enable employees to develop their skills and acquire new knowledge for the benefit of the company. Companies benefit greatly from training, as it makes employees more productive. To retain employees, it's important to take into account their well-being within the company, and to know what their needs and expectations are in terms of skills development. Anticipate your employees' requests, and enlist the help of your managers to set up meetings dedicated to career prospects. Finally, as training is beneficial in every way, use it to communicate on your employer brand. Candidates are alert to companies presenting the advantages of working for them. Training is a tool for boosting productivity, retaining local and international resources and attracting new talent.

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